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   1. prompt a. 迅速的 , 敏捷的 v. 推动 , 提示 词频:1 [prɔmpt]

  近义词:rapid / fast / fly / forward / ready;facilitate / boost / further;cue / noting;punctually

  权威例句:With prompt and proper responses, the IRS might agree little or no tax is due.(FORBES: Tax Liens and Newt Gingrich)

  2. scathing a. 严厉的 , 尖刻的 词频:1 ['skeiðiŋ]

  近义词:severe / tight / hard / harsh / rigorous;hurting

  权威例句:Mr. Krim is scathing in his assessment of the state of mobile development today.(WSJ: Design Freedom Eludes Mobile Web)

  3. acrimonious a. 严厉的 , 辛辣的 , 刻薄的 词频:1 [ˌækri'məunjəs]

  近义词:severe / tight / hard / harsh / acid

  权威例句:The prolonged and often acrimonious discussions over Barry's move are still developing on Wednesday. (CNN: Goalkeeper Cavalieri on way to Liverpool)

  4. rigorous a. 严密的 , 严格的 , 严峻的 词频:1 ['rigərəs]

  近义词:strict / rigid / precise / severe / tight

  权威例句:Knowing where, when, and how to move will require rigorous market analysis with accurate data.(FORBES: Unlocking China's Consumer Power)

  5. rocky a. 岩石的 , 多岩石的 , 障碍重重的 词频:1 ['rɔki]

  近义词:petrous / lithological

  权威例句:Converted tries from Rocky Elsom and Quade Cooper gave the Wallabies a well-deserved 14-0 lead at half-time.(BBC: Australia 27-17 England)

  6. generic a. 一般的 , 普通的 , 种属的 词频:1 [dӡi'nerik]

  近义词:common / prevailing

  权威例句:It looks generic and I know it's what is inside that counts, but we know how that goes.(ENGADGET: blogger-avatar)

  7. unidimensional a. 一维的 , 线性的 , 一方面的 词频:1 [ˌju:nidai'menʃənəl]


  权威例句:We have to devise a strategy which will help us to do this effectively, not in a sort of unidimensional way.(NPR: Iraqi Envoy Reflects on Study Group's Report)

  8. aberrant a. 异常的 词频:1 [æ'berənt]

  近义词:novel / variable / exceptional / exquisite

  权威例句:Doctors have spent decades using drugs to tweak aberrant brain chemicals, with only limited success.(FORBES: Rewiring the brain)

  9. heterodox a. 异端的 , 非正统的 词频:1 ['hetərədɔks]

  近义词:unorthodox / heretical

  权威例句:They are followers, like most Pakistanis, of the heterodox Barelvi school of Sunni Islam.(ECONOMIST: Pakistan)

  10. repressive a. 抑制的 , 镇压的 词频:1 [riˈpresiv]

  近义词:depressing / suppressive

  权威例句:In his twelve years in power, Putin has made Russia into a repressive Soviet state.(FORBES: Leading Economist Gives Up On Putin's Russia)

  11. fickle a. 易变的 , 变幻无常的 词频:1 ['fkl]

  近义词:mobile / variable / liquid / unstable

  权威例句:This is a monumental accomplishment at a moment when cultural loyalty is extremely fickle.(FORBES: A Meaningful Publisher)

  12. peevish a. 易怒的 , 坏脾气的 词频:1 ['pi:viʃ]

  近义词:fierce / testy

  权威例句:Obama spoke with confidence, optimism and grace, avoiding that peevish self pity he is prone to. (FORBES: Obama's SOTU Has Vanished Without a Trace)

  13. skittish a. 易受惊的 , 轻佻的 , 不可靠的 词频:1 ['skitiʃ]

  近义词:alive / lively / activated

  权威例句:One of the best deals going for the skittish may be so-called pre-refunded munis.

  (FORBES: Munis: Better Than Treasuries?)

  14. gullible a. 易受骗的 词频:1 ['gʌlib(ə)l]

  近义词:naive / credulous

  权威例句:Cool—that way, the gullible can at least protect their faces from harmful sun rays.(FORBES: Shield Sham)

  15. susceptible a. 易受影响的 , 易感染的 , 容许的 词频:1 [sə'septəbl]

  近义词:impressionable / suggestible

  权威例句:These funds are less susceptible to pressure to accept an unfavourable deal than banks are.(ECONOMIST: Greece’s debt-holders)

  16. tractable a. 易于驾驭的 词频:1 ['træktəbl]


  权威例句:Clearly, they expect more Western offers will be made to induce them to be more tractable.(CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The Eurofaustians)

  17. meaningful a. 意味深长的 词频:1 ['mi:niŋful]

  近义词:significant / eloquent

  权威例句:More meaningful for pitcher pay is a quite different figure: total number of strikeouts.(FORBES: The Baseball Enigma)

  18. covert a. 隐蔽的 , 秘密的 n. 树丛 , 隐藏处 词频:1 ['kʌvət]

  近义词:bosque / boskage;concealed / secluded

  权威例句:Now at 17, she has recently been appointed as an agent in the Covert Operations Division.(CNN: Where are the black superheroes?)

  19. metaphorical a. 隐喻性的 , 比喻性的 词频:1 [ˌmetə'fɔ:rikəl]

  权威例句:In many ways, he's metaphorical because his life is so extravagant in some ways.

  (CNN: He's 'Jesus' Son')

  20. heroic a. 英雄的 , 英勇的 词频:1 [hi'rəuik]

  近义词:bold / gallant;epic poetry / epos

  权威例句:Visitors keeper Keiren Westwood was in heroic form and he superbly denied Freedman and Jermaine Beckford.(BBC: Leeds 1-2 Carlisle)





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